Eastern Oregon Excavating Services

We provide excavating services in Eastern Oregon. Our team has the equipment and know how to get your project moving. We have quality equipment you can count on and a quality people that you can trust to get your projects finished the way you want. We specialize in small to medium sized projects but have the resources to bring in the big diesel burners if that is what the job requires. Fair prices that compete with anybody in the industry. If you live in Eastern Oregon and need excavating services give us a call to discuss your project.

Land Clearing

If you have trees, brush, rocks, and stumps that you would prefer were not on your land, we can make them disappear. We can make short work on brush or bushes that have your lot covered up. Just need a brush hog to clear small brush and grass, we can do it. Have large stumps that required and excavator or backhoe, we can do it. We offer land clearing anywhere in Eastern Oregon. Have juniper trees or pine trees that need to be removed, give us a call. Building a freeway and bridges? Well, we're probably not the right guys for that job. We like to think of our equipment as average size to slightly above average. Does size really matter...

Clearing Debris - Demolition

Have property that needs cleaned up? If you need debris removal in Eastern Oregon we can get the job done. Our equipment is great for small demolition projects and clearing debris to make room for your next project.

Tree Removal

If you have juniper, pine, fir or any other type of tree that needs to be moved from your property, we can do it quickly and have your property ready for the next chapter. Trees are our specialty and we can usually make short work of these projects. If you have a tree removal project in Eastern Oregon, call us to discuss any projects you have in mind.

Mulching and Road Clearing

We have a mulching head for our excavator that is very useful for clearing overgrown roads. Chips and debris flying everywhere and your roads open up like when they were first built. We can clear about 15 feet off any roadway. If you need a mulcher or mulching services in Eastern Oregon contact us.

Utility Ditches and Trenches

We do not have a vast experience in utility work but if you need a ditch or trench dug, we certainly have the ability to do it. Just point where to start and where to stop and we'll get you a ditch in the earth. We can also dig post holes as long as the ground is not too rocky.

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