Juniper Tree Clearing and Cutting

Do you have a juniper tree clearing project that needs immediate attention? We specialize in clearing juniper trees from land where they are no longer needed or have overgrown property that used to be productive agricultural land. If you want to reclaim land that has too many juniper trees, contact us today to discuss the options. Some clearing projects require heavy equipment and days of work, while other juniper cutting projects only require a chainsaw, gas and some bar oil.

Juniper Clearing Regulations

Regulations seem to change on a daily basis with regards to how local and state authorities want these projects handled. Some areas request the juniper trees be piled and burned, while other agencies would prefer they be cut and left or even chipped. The good news is that we do the homework on these issues so you do not have to. We will contact the governing agencies in your area to discuss all necessary information before beginning the project. 

Financial Assistance and Government Sponsored Programs

There are many programs and grants available to help landowners with the costs associated with clearing junipers from their land. We have many contacts and resources to help with this process. In some cases, the trees can be removed with little or no cost to the landowner. If you need junipers cleared from your property, we have the resources to help you get your project moving quickly.

Will Clearing Juniper Trees Increase My Water Flow?

There have been several studies that conclude, yes, clearing juniper from a drainage system will improve water flow to wells and watersheds. See "Increasing Water Availability Through Juniper Control" a study conducted by the Oregon State University Extension in the Camp Creek Watershed. Even the simplest and most fundamental argument makes sense. Juniper trees clearly need water to survive, removing these trees will leave more water in the ground. The conclusion, clearing trees will allow more water to get to domestic wells and benefit other plants and animals in the watershed.

Recovering Rangeland by Clearing Juniper Trees

Clearing juniper trees can be very labor intensive. Many property owners choose to hire the job out to specialized contractors that have experience working with the tree and government agencies that can be a key resource. Junipers are an extremely hardy plant that can grown in many different climates and habitats. They can also regrow when saplings or branches are missed in the tree cutting process. A quality clearing project will combine machines and human effort to properly remove the vegetation to prevent regrowth. 

Productive rangeland is more valuable than ever. Whether cultivating the ground to plant crops or allowing native grasses to grow that sustain cattle and wildlife, there are many reasons ranchers, farmers and property owners want to reclaim their land. A well planned clearing effort can return valuable land to property owners and benefit current and future generations. Many ranchers and farmers do not have the time to take on major juniper cutting and clearing projects, that's way the trust Juniper Excavating to remove the trees.


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